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New Book:

The Damned King



Spice loves her witch--but not the creature possessing her.

Pumpkin Spice, Maine Coon cat and part-time familiar, knew Morwen's magical mentors were bad news. But did Morwen listen to Spice's sage advice? Hell no! So instead, Spice has to beg her frenemy, the ghoul-king, to drive Morwen's tormentors out of town. 
But those wicked witches have friends in low places... 
Now murderous beings stalk the streets of Kingsport—and only the cats can see them. The town is under siege and the death toll is mounting. Spice forms a desperate plan to deal with the creatures, but it all hinges on a long shot: an unlikely (and probably unholy) alliance between cats, ghouls, and witches. No three species could be less cooperative, yet Spice must somehow rally her allies to her cause.
Otherwise, it’s Morwen's children who will pay the price...

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