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R.M. Callahan is an author and scriptwriter who is frankly glad she can’t See That Which Cannot Be Seen. She's also not sure she can write this bio, because she thinks interesting facts about her come across as pretentious, and self-deprecating humor just sounds needy. Hmm, this probably qualifies as self-deprecating humor, except it's also pretentious because she's still talking in the third person. Oh, well, this thing is due anyway,  so...she loves the glow a good writing session gives her, she never hears anyone calling her name when she reads, and she's quite excited about her new puppy. That ought to do it.

M.R. "Linus" Callahan is an author and game writer who's beyond delighted to have married R. (Can you guess who's writing this bio?) A fortuneteller once said he'd been a Celtic warlord in a previous life--but that was already pretty obvious to everyone. Having hung up his sword and assumed a pen, his new life-goal is to get the incredible worlds he's built in his head onto the page. This is a process that involves a lot of excited sharing, some swearing, and more research than you'd think was possible. Heaven forbid we ever try to write hard science fiction--Linus would be researching theoretical modes of space travel right into his grave. 

Both Callahans currently live in the Land of Blue Dragon (Vietnam) with two rascally children, two equally naughty dogs, and a brown cat that bears no resemblance to Pumpkin Spice whatsoever.


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