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The Dark Yule-5.png
The Dark Yule
by R.M. Callahan

Book 1 of the Pumpkin Spice Tales

Monsters do taste better than kibble--but this cat may have bitten off more than she can chew.

Pumpkin Spice—Maine Coon cat and part-time familiar—is happy to chase the odd evil spirit off her witch’s property...

...until she finds a night-gaunt perched above the baby’s window. The faceless abomination is worlds away from the dreamlands: how did it force its way to the material realm?  

Spice is sure something is fishy in Kingsport, and not in the good, tasty way. Someone is deliberately blurring dimensions, building toward an explosion of power on the winter solstice. 

But why? Spice is on the hunt for answers—but the longer the nights grow, the faster reality unravels. 

Only Spice’s sharp wit (and claws!) can save her oblivious humans from the Dark Yule...if she isn't already too late. 

You’ll love this book because everyone loves a cute cat—especially one that faces down Cthulhoid horrors. Get it now. 

The Dead Witch Paperback-4.jpg
The Dead Witch
by R.M. Callahan

Book 2 of the Pumpkin Spice Tales

Pumpkin Spice--Maine Coon cat and part-time familiar--refuses to let her witch die. But Morwen’s birth spell has gone seriously wrong, and now Spice has hours--perhaps less--to break the enchantment before it kills both mother and child.

Which is the perfect time for Spice to learn a terrible secret:

The Dark Yule is far from finished with her.

On that dreadful night, Spice accidentally let someone escape. Someone whose very presence has awakened another creature.

A creature long-hidden and forgotten, in a realm neither here nor there, but desperately clawing its way towards our world...

If Spice faces down the monster, she’ll lose her witch. If she saves Morwen, the beast will break free—and they’ll lose all of Kingsport.

It sounds like a no-win proposition, but that’s never been Spice’s style. She’ll get it done, even if it sends her to the underworld.

Or—far more frightening—to the hellish caverns far below Kingsport...

You’ll love this book because everyone loves a race against time, especially when the sprinter is a cat.  Get it now. 

The Specimen New Kingsport cover.png
The Specimen
By M.R. Callahan

Another Tale of New Kingsport

No extra credit is worth this... 

Mercy, future marine biologist, discovers “the specimen” in a tidal pool. 

Three days later, it escapes—on her watch.


Now the death toll is rising, and Mercy knows it’s her fault. Oh, sure, the adults say it’s not her responsibility, but the way Mercy sees it, being fourteen is no excuse. 

Plus, she has a plan...though it does involve monster-hunting after curfew. 

You’ll love this story because everyone loves heartwarming animal stories—even if that animal is a murderous rogue tentacle. Get it now.

Damned King Option 1.png
The Damned King
by R.M. Callahan

Book 3 of The Pumpkin Spice Tales

Spice loves her witch--but not the creature possessing her. 

Pumpkin Spice, Maine Coon cat and part-time familiar, knew Morwen's magical mentors were bad news. But did Morwen listen to Spice's sage advice? Hell no! So instead, Spice has to beg her frenemy, the ghoul-king, to drive Morwen's tormentors out of town. 

But those wicked witches have friends in low places... 

Now murderous beings stalk the streets of Kingsport—and only the cats can see them. The town is under siege and the death toll is mounting. Spice forms a desperate plan to deal with the creatures, but it all hinges on a long shot: an unlikely (and probably unholy) alliance between cats, ghouls, and witches. No three species could be less cooperative, yet Spice must somehow rally her allies to her cause.

Otherwise, it’s Morwen's children who will pay the price...

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