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You're here because a member of the Flock suggested you join our ranks.
That, or you are very, very lost.
Either way, we invite you into our Hall, to sit by our digital fire. Let us huddle together against the cold wind of the times, sharing heart-warming tales of the unquenchable human soul. Also reincarnating cats, rogue tentacles, tourists from space, etc.--you get the idea. 
If this sounds like your cup of suspiciously crimson tea, then please, enter your email at the top of the page. We'll send you free exclusive content as well as members-only discounts, contests, and giveaways. (The secret decoder rings and bespoke dowsing rods are still under development.) 
Yours (for as long as the binding spell holds),
R.M. and M.R. Callahan
P.S.--Don't mind the thousands of rats in the walls. They're members of the Flock, too. 
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