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Well, we don't have any of that here. Sorry. I mean, though, what did you expect? We're a small, independent publishing company located in a moldering feudal hall with rats in the walls. You might try Google. 
What we do have for you is a pretty cool post-credits scene. Fill out the form, and we'll send it right to your inbox. 
Yours (assuming the rats don't develop a taste for human flesh),
M.R. and R.M. Callahan
P.S.--Important! If you are already a member of the Flock, then just click your personal key
to the Flock Hall Containment Chamber to access the scene. An updated key is always included in the most recent newsletter, so check your inbox. Cheers! 

Why have you come?

Are you seeking knowledge?

Do you have a taste for power?

Have you come in quest of the truth?

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